Review Sheet Quest 2 Fall '06

Review Sheet Quest 2 Fall '06 - Libertarianism Compatibalism

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Review Sheet for 2 nd Quest: Sources of Material for Test: The Matrix and Discussion Velasquez: (131-142) Independent Self (179-196) Materialism and Idealism (215-228) Existentialism and Phenomenology (229-238) Freedom (354-365) Rationality Terms for Review Taylor: defined through others Hegel: defined through others, master/slave dialectic Materialism (determinism, atomism)—Democritus, Hobbes Idealism (subjective, objective)—Berkeley Phenomenology (particularly in Husserl) Intentionality (in terms of phenomenology) Da-sein (in Heidegger) Existentialism (particularly Sartre’s idea of it) Existence precedes essence (again) Being and non-being (in Sartre) Determinism
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Unformatted text preview: Libertarianism Compatibalism Doubting/Thinking (Descartes) Esse is percipi (Berkeley) Rationality Innate ideas Matrix: Locke: Neo’s memories and Cypher’s memories erased Descartes: Neo’s questioning and doubting Rationality: Morpheus’ discussion about the reality (or unreality) of sensation Also be familiar with the following arguments/concepts 1. How the Matrix is like the Allegory of the Cave 2. Descartes’ method of doubt and his argument for existence of himself, God , the world 3. The way in which all humans are free for Sartre (being/non-being) 4. Kant’s views on freedom...
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Review Sheet Quest 2 Fall '06 - Libertarianism Compatibalism

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