Pierre Seel Memoir Paper

Pierre Seel Memoir Paper - I Pierre Seel Deported...

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I, Pierre Seel, Deported Homosexual Lisa Leary History 184, Section 1
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Pierre Seel, born in 1923 in Haguenau, France, grew up during the time leading up to the Nazi annexation of his native region, Alsace, in 1940. Living in this region subjected Pierre to much Nazi terror for his homosexuality. He virtually lived a life-long nightmare due to persecution, Nazi terror, and his traumatization from these events of his past. Though he suffered immeasurable pain and countless close encounters with death, one event stood out in his mind far above the rest: the violent death of his lover, Jo, at the age of eighteen. This event, while contributing to the silence and shame brought on by the unspeakable horror he had experienced at the hand of the Nazis, was different from these other events in that it also helped encourage him to finally come forward with his story, some forty years later. Pierre found it difficult at first to admit his homosexuality and accept who he was. Being raised in a Catholic family, he was discouraged from taking an interest in girls at too early an age, and he believes this may have had something to do with his interest in males instead. By the age of seventeen he had found a place in the gay culture of Mulhouse, his home town, and became sexually active. But he soon was “no longer content with more or less anonymous and purely sexual encounters. It was around this time that Pierre met Jo.
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Pierre Seel Memoir Paper - I Pierre Seel Deported...

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