handmaidstale - A world of dystopia is often created in...

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A world of dystopia is often created in order to create fear among a society. They are viewed as dangerous and downward-spiraling culture in which fault currently found in trends are brought up. The only trait common to all dystopian societies is that they are negative and undesirable societies. In Margaret Atwood's novel The Handmaid's Tale, the Republic of Gilead is a futuristic idea of the possibility of what could happen to the United States. When the commander says to Offred, “You can’t make eggs without breaking an omelet” (Atwood 211), it means you cannot accomplish something worthwhile without some sacrifices. The republic of Gilead was established in order to fix the problem of infertility by sacrificing women; however because of it’s distorted and contradicting values, Gilead did more harm to society than good. Offred is imprinted with the belief that “The Republic of Gilead… knows no bounds. Gilead is within you.” (23) Here Aunt Lydia is the telling the girls at the Red Center how the Handmaids, and presumably other member of society, are inflicting these laws upon themselves. From the reader’s point of view it’s clear how Gilead was formed with the use of strict government enforcement. The government is the one behind everything; transforming the society into what it has become, preventing resistance and maintaining things as they are. The Eyes are Gilead’s secret police that drive around Gilead in a black van painted with their omniscient symbol; a great winged eye. Their name and symbol go hand in hand with the belief that God is forever watching us, almost giving the government the same authority as God. Also, the mere presence of their black van is
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way to ensure people act in their proper to their roles, impeding any sort of rebellion.
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handmaidstale - A world of dystopia is often created in...

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