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s02exam1a - PHYS-1200 PHYSICS II NAME QUIZ 1 Put a mark in...

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PHYS-1200 PHYSICS II QUIZ 1 FEBRUARY 13, 2002 NAME ______________________________ Put a mark in the box next to the section of the course to which you are assigned. If you are not now in the room to which your section is assigned, GO TO IT NOW ! SECTION NUMBER EXAMINATION ROOM INSTRUCTOR TIME 1 DCC 318 SANDRA SCHUJMAN MR 8:00 A.M. 2 DCC 324 XI-CHENG ZHANG MR 10:00 A.M. 3 DCC 318 ELENA BOROVITSKAYA MR 12:00 NOON 5 SA 3303 SUSANNE HAUGER TF 10:00 A.M. 6 SA 3303 SUSANNE HAUGER TF 12:00 NOON 7 DCC 324 SAROJ NAYAK TF 2:00 P.M. 8 DCC 318 ELENA BOROVITSKAYA MR 2:00 P.M. 9 SA 3303 QUENTIN HUDSPETH MR 12:00 NOON There are 7 different pages in this quiz, including the cover page. Check now to see that you have all of them. CREDIT GRADE PART A 40% PART B 20% PART C-1 20% PART C-2 20% TOTAL 100% All work and answers must be given in the spaces provided on these pages. 1
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NAME ______________________________ PART A . (40%) Each question is worth 5%. In the space provided, to the left of the question number, write the letter corresponding to the best answer to the question. ___ 1. Gauss’ law can be written as, E A = d q / ε 0 . Consider the following three statements about Gauss’ law: I. Gauss’ law states that the net electric flux through any closed surface is proportional to the net charge enclosed within that surface. II. Coulomb’s law can be derived from Gauss’ law. III. According to Gauss’ law, if a closed surface encloses no charge, then the electric field must equal zero everywhere on that surface. Which of the three statements is/are true? A. Only I is true. D. Only II and III are true. B. Only I and II are true. E. All three statements are true. C. Only I and III are true.
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