Integrative Biology 131 - Fall 2003 - Diamond - Midterm 2

Integrative Biology 131 - Fall 2003 - Diamond - Midterm 2 -...

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Integrative Biology 131 Examination II November 12, 2003 Mark the best answer. 1. The lateral wall of the nasal cavity has bony projections: a. designed to increase the surface area of the exposed respiratory epithelium. b. filled with holes to cleanse the air. c. to protect the masses of lymphatic nodules. d. all from the ethmoid bone. 2. Posteriorly the nasal cavity has nares which communicate with the nasopharynx. a. two b. three c. four d. five 3. Both the frontal and the maxillary sinuses drain into the: a. nasolacrimal duct b. ciliary duct c. superior meatus d. middle meatus 4. Which structure is not part of the nasal septum? a. perpendicular plate of ethmoid b. vomer c. vestibule d. hyaline cartilage 5. Respiratory epithelium is designed to clean, warm, and moisten the air. Which component does not participate in these functions? a. goblet cells b. cilia c. epiglottis d. venous plexus 6. Respiratory epithelium, pseudostratified columnar epithelium with goblet cells, is not found in/on which of the following? a. laryngopharynx b. nasopharynx c. nasal cavity d. vomer 7. Which does not play a role in the formation of the human voice? a. the medial elastic ligament b. the lateral elastic ligament c. the thyroarytenoid muscle d. the glottis
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8. Cancer of the lung commonly starts in the bronchi which lie between the: a. alveoli and terminal bronchioles b. alveoli and respiratory bronchioles c. trachea and bronchioles d. terminal bronchioles and the respiratory bronchioles 9. Neurogenesis or the formation of new nerve cells does not take place in the adult: a. olfactory epithelium b. granule cells of the cerebellum c. anterior horn of the spinal cord d. dentate gyrus in the telencephalon 10. Schwann cells are a type of glial cell which form: a. oligodendrocytes b. neurotubules which guide axoplasm down the axon c. myelin around peripheral nerves d. endothelium in blood vessels 11. The initial segment of an axon has which of the following characteristics? a. the highest threshold of any part of the nerve fibers b. is filled with Nissl substance c. arises from an axon collateral d. the lowest threshold of any part of the axon 12. The more myelin surrounding an axon: a. the faster the impulse b. the slower the impulse c. the Schwann cells are smaller d. no impulse can occur 13. Which is incorrect regarding the nodes of Ranvier? a. collaterals sprout here
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Integrative Biology 131 - Fall 2003 - Diamond - Midterm 2 -...

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