CMUN 150 Final s.g.

CMUN 150 Final s.g. - CMUN 150/EXAM#3(FINAL The exam will...

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CMUN 150/EXAM #3 (FINAL) The exam will cover all the readings and class lectures/discussions done after Exam #2 until the last day of classes. It follows the same format as exam #2. LIST OF TERMS/CONCEPTS: Selfhood; Four major propositions of Self (Prof. Wood/G.H.Mead) Role-taking; role-playing Self-Style-Other Production/Consumption; Class identity/Style identity acquisition; From character to personality, from life to life style The commodity self Identity, subject position and genre; Genre of legal writing and its main features vs. subject position; from “objective truth” to “rhetorical event”; race as a phantom-word (Prof. Williams’ articles) Public narrative and Identity (rational critique vs. narrative critique; two main narrative forms used in Reagan’s rhetoric; moral and epistemic consequences of Reagan’s choices) Performance-Performativity-Performance Studies Dramaturgical Theory; Erving Goffman; Frames, Impression Management, Front stage/Back stage Performance Ethnography; Clifford Geertz; Thick description; participant-observation
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