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CMUN 150, SEC. 202—COMMUNICATION PROCESSES LOYOLA UNIVERSITY CHICAGO, LAKE SHORE CAMPUS DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATION, FALL 2007 Instructor: Milan Pribisic, Ph.D. ( ) Class meetings: MWF, 2:45PM to 3:35PM, 25 East Pearson, room 0206 Office: WTC 9 TH FLOOR, 916A; phone: 312/915-6110 Office hours: WTC Mondays 12:30PM to 02:30PM, or by appointment TEXTS: Communication Theories in Action (CT), 3 rd ed. Julia Wood. Communication Processes: Language, Reality, Identity (CP), ed. Mark Pollock. COURSE DESCRIPTION: In this course we will explore some foundational issues regarding the centrality of communication in our lives focusing on three major themes: Communication and Language, Communication and Reality, and Communication and Identity. We will examine the theories of language and the construction of meaning and truth, human symbolic interaction and identity acquisition. The course should help you navigate through ways of thinking and conceptualizing about how communication works. COURSE OUTCOMES: To familiarize you with scholarship that has influenced the Field of Communication; to help you become conversant with a vocabulary of terms specific to the discipline, and to provide you with the tools of critical thinking necessary for examining theory in relation to your understanding of social processes. ATTENDANCE: All students are expected to attend class regularly and to be prepared to discuss assigned readings or homework. You are granted three absences; after that each additional absence without a doctor’s excuse will lower your attendance grade by one-half grade (i.e. from A to A-, from A- to B+, etc.) ACADEMIC HONESTY:
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CMUN 150.doc (syll.) - CMUN 150, SEC. 202-COMMUNICATION...

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