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Psych paper guide - Helplessness of Fear Essay Guidelines,...

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Helplessness of Fear 1 Essay Guidelines, Psyc 150, Writing your Reaction Paper: I want you to write me a paper that proves to me that you have critically read the assigned reading. You should read the research report, sit down and think about that research report, and then prepare to write me a reaction paper that will illuminate for me YOUR PERSONAL INSIGHTS regarding said research report. - 3-5 pages of double-spaced text - Give your paper a title, but you do not need a title page. - You may assume that your reader has read the Hock study - You MUST provide citations in the text and a reference page. You will probably want to use multiple sources (Hock, Tavris & Wade, and whatever else is necessary – from any discipline that is relevant – philosophy, literature, cinema, etc.). Any idea, definition, research finding, etc. that you mention should be accompanied by a citation (Smith & Huo, 2002) – and then – that source must be referenced fully on the reference page (you may use MLA or APA style for the reference page). - I want these papers to be YOUR IDEAS. Do NOT repeat Hock’s ideas back to me - I expect to read your unique perspective . You may use previous research, etc., to make a point – but the POINT of your paper (a.k.a. your thesis) must be uniquely YOURS. I want to finish the paper and see a point of view that I had not previously considered. Bring up debates, critiques, and implications that scratch beneath the surface. - Issues to consider in your paper (you may deal with one or two of these issues – or you may focus your essay on other issues – this list does not comprise a set of requirements, only a few suggestions to get you started). Practical Implications of the research – these implications might be social, cultural, familial, relational, institutional, etc. Theoretical Implications of the research – how might the theory behind the research be changed as a result of this study (or future studies that might be conducted). Methodological criticisms Theoretical criticisms Ideas for future work – give the idea AND the implications of that research. Give your hypotheses and back them up with sound reasons for your predictions Personal reactions based upon anecdotal (autobiographical) experience. - As always, proofread your papers . If your ideas are not effectively communicated, your grade will suffer. DO NOT PLAGERIZE! If you have questions about what is and what is not plagiarism, consult the numerous packets/other literature you were given during First-Year orientation. If you write something that is not YOUR unique thought/contribution, you must credit the source . If you take someone’s thoughts and regurgitate them, word for word, you must use quotation marks (like these: “blah blah blah”) around the words you have taken. IF YOU CHANGE A FEW WORDS OR SLIGHTLY ALTER THE SENTENCE STRUCTURE FROM THE AUTHOR’S ORIGNINAL WRITING – THIS IS STILL PLAGERISM!!!!!
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Helplessness of Fear 2 Papers should be typewritten in
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Psych paper guide - Helplessness of Fear Essay Guidelines,...

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