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Rhetorical Analysis - Robertson 1 Mckay Robertson English...

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Robertson 1 Mckay Robertson English 150 Mrs. Lewis 10/21/07 Establishing Credibility: Consumers Choose SUV’s In the April 2003 Consumers’ Research Magazine John Merline, a writer for USA Today and a contributing editor for Consumers’ Research Magazine, does a great job of explaining his views on SUV’s, in his article “Why Consumers Have Been Choosing SUV’s.” John Merline addresses consumers who want to buy an SUV but feel guilty because of all the negative press lately. He convinces those consumers of the insignificance of SUV’s to the environment. He does so by making himself look better than his opposition, which makes his audience more inclined to share his opinions. He makes himself seem much more professional and stable by portraying the opposition as radical and uninformed through a series of quotes that display their actions and disprove their arguments. John Merline uses many quotes to portray people who oppose his ideas as radical. One of the best ones he uses is by Arianna Huffington, an author, syndicate columnist, and leader of the Detroit Project. She says,” Because SUV’s consume more gasoline than cars, drivers [of SUV’s are] guilty of supporting the oil producing regimes in the Persian Gulf—some of which have been accused of providing financial support to terrorists.” That is a simply ridiculous claim made by Merline’s opposition and worked very well to strengthen Mr. Merline’s credibility. He makes himself look better by making his opponents look like extremists. He then strengthens himself by quoting an ad sponsored
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Robertson 2 by Arianna’s group. It says, “What is your SUV doing to our national security.” Educated people know that SUV’s have no relevance to terrorism and this ad makes the opposition seem extremely radical. John Merline also wrote,” A Christian group complained that driving SUV’s was not in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ.” All of these quotes portray the opposition as crazy radicals, who are just overreacting to
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Rhetorical Analysis - Robertson 1 Mckay Robertson English...

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