What fuels a desperate man

What fuels a desperate man - What fuels a desperate man...

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What fuels a desperate man? With his friends no longer by his side, all the evidence stacked against him, with long odds, and an even longer sentence, Simon Hanes is up shits creek without a paddle. It wasn’t the thought of such a heinous act that consumed him, but the understanding that free will, was indeed no longer free. Multivac a completely integrated, self-sustaining, self aware, super computer is now in charge of all proceedings on earth since The Devastation. We are not given evidence to what is the motive of Simon Haines in the attempted destruction of Mulitvac, but it is up to us as readers to come to a rational conclusion as to why such a deed need be done. Ronald Bakst, known to be the only friend that Simon Haines has in this world of only 5 million people. From the text it states “But those five million were scattered and the chances of seeing another outside the immediate circle, except by design, was not great.” (Pg.160) In a world designed by computers there is one man who will not stand for
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