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Adam Dorenfest 12-04-07 SHADE Going into the SHADE program I only had a small core of beliefs on what we were going to learn. But now I realize that there is more than meets the eye when dealing with such mature concept as alcohol consumption. Being a student at a major university, it is universally understood that no matter what school that one is going to attend, there is going to be not only the presence of alcohol but the urge to drink it even though you are not of legal age. When someone such as myself of my fellow classmates comes face to face with the consequences of our actions it is up to us to find a new understanding and respect for the rule that we have broken. If you’re going to risk drinking underage again you might as well be educated. I learned that even though there are tons of different brands and % of alcohol by volume (proof) containers out there, that it all holds a relative potency. Whether it is 12oz. of beer or 6-8 oz. of wine, or even
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Unformatted text preview: one 2 oz. shot they all hold a relative: 1 standard drink. It because the shot has less volume and can be consumed faster with shorter sips is why it gets people so much drunker, faster. Also another thing I learned from SHADE is to be aware of how many drinks you have had. This is because even though you may feel not as drunk as you really are; after the calculating of the BAC exercise from class did was I fully aware that your BAC is usually higher than you first are aware of. I am glad that I went through all the necessary requirements to be educated on the subject of alcohol, and hope to never find myself in a situation that could end in tragedy as a result of my drinking. I now posses the knowledge to make better judgment calls and the ability to handle alcohol with more respect if I ever decide to drink again....
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