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Adam Dorenfest March 7 2008 Stch 195 Instructor Meeting The Monday before my first Trad 102 Exam (History of Western Civ.) I procured a meeting with my T.A Sean Clark. I informed him in section that I wanted to meet him during his office hours but that particular week he didn’t have any before the examination. So I took it upon myself to talk to him after class and schedule an appointment for the following Monday. The test was Tuesday and I informed Sean that it was probably be in my best interest to be as prepared as possible for this first test. He agreed and penciled me in for Monday at 12:30. I wanted to study at least a little bit before our meeting so the night before our appointment I went over questions for the test and wrote down some questions that would help me takes full advantage in our meeting. I made a list of key terms that I had yet to fully grasp and also made sure what
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Unformatted text preview: exactly he wanted to see from in our essay on Tuesday. During the meeting Sean couldnt have been cooler, he had a very relaxed office and although it was hotter than hell inside he informed me that he could answer any of the questions I wanted to ask him. We went over the terms together and when any question popped into my head that related to the exam I would just ask it. I am more than happy that I decided to meet with him. I usually do not go into office hours, but now that I had such a pleasant experience I will now continue to utilize this practice more often. Overall, I think that if you have a good relationship with the person grading you he/she is more than likely to look at your test with more consideration and thoroughness....
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