African History key notes (midterm)

African History key notes (midterm) - 1 African History...

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 African History Global Economy : -regular sophisticated system of long distance exchange that linked major areas of production. Ports: China, India, Mesopotamia, Egypt -first global economy emerged at least BCE/CE changeover East African Classical Age : -an African civilization marked by major revolutions (agricultural etc.) between 2000 BCE and 200 CE and then later developments such as Swahili Civilizations between 900 CE and 1300 CE Euro centrism : thesis: rise of west, first global economy ->historic view of Africa, passive, dark continent acted upon by other forces ->cement of early captilaism was the state State-Merchant Alliance : merchants found state could provide law and order in which merchants could operate, and state relied on merchants for economic growth, led to expansion of west -> established political control : Old Colonial Order (1500-1800 aprox)by end date Europeans held territorial powers in Africa + Asia. –Portuguese followed by Dutch, French and English -Relates ideas of modern nation states as civilization, states Africa didn’t have Nation States and Capitalism, therefore wasn’t civilized. >assumes civilization is one concept, fails to separately approach Africa’s own situation -> Europeans saw Asia as civilized, but saw them as extremely stunted in lacking ability for economic growth (lacking rise of individualism and pillars of capitalism) ->Euros saw Asia as being prevented from growth due to what they perceived as archaic social structures. Asia centrism : K.N. Chaudhuri A. Reid Abu-Lughod ^were all major figures who spearhead asia centric attack on euro centrism -argued that Asia not Europe was central to the first Global Economy stated that the Monsoon System of wind and currents allowed linkage of Indian Ocean -facilitated long distance, trans-oceanic transport and trade -made it possible to cross from one side of Indian Ocean (Africa) to other (South East Asia) and back in one year -this system was mastered in order to make GLOBAL ECONOMY possible long before Europeans had one(not till 1500) -HOWEVER asia centrists argue that it was an Asian global economy NOT Asia-African. -Chaudhuri reverts back to dark, Eurocentric view point of Africa, viewing Africa as merely peripheral state.
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Euro centrists and Asia centrists both view themselves as civilized and Africa as UNCIVILIZED. -see Africa as passive, stuck in historical inertia and that the major dynamic behind African History came from outside forces Afro Centrism: asserted that Egyptians etc. are black, therefore Africa had civilization. >but then reverts back to Eurocentric view point after 1500 CE, that euros came in and changed Africa. -imagines world divide among racial lines, bipolar view of black vs. white BRAUDEL : -French historian who broke away from convention stating that “History is not a question of ‘big men’ or ‘states’, and the paradigm should be broken. KEY to history is the relationship between humans and environment. Nile Valley: -Blue nile connects Ethiopia, flows north west from Ethiopia to Sudan
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African History key notes (midterm) - 1 African History...

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