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Erin Kinsella Cas 100: Monstrosity Jeanne Britton 9/19/07 992 words No Monster Here In the Oxford English Dictionary, one definition of ‘monster’ is “a person of repulsively unnatural character, or exhibiting such extreme cruelty or wickedness as to appear inhuman; a monstrous example of evil, a vice, etc,” while another says “an ugly or deformed person, animal or thing”. People perceive Caliban as a monster because he talks differently, looks peculiar and is violent towards Prospero. However, Caliban comes from a different place than everybody else and, therefore, can only try to be like everyone else. While Caliban may seem to have the qualities of a monster, they are simply cultural differences. These differences, along with his wrongful enslavement by Prospero, create a monster in Caliban, who would otherwise not be defined as one. One major cultural difference between Caliban and everyone from Naples is language. Before Prospero and Miranda get to the island, we know that Caliban was living there, and that he could not speak their language at all. Caliban, not knowing their language, showed an immediate difference between him, Prospero and everyone else from Naples or Milan. When they got there, he could only “gabble like/ a thing most brutish” which Miranda and Prospero obviously could not understand (I.ii.359-360). Since the two of them outnumbered him he was made an outcast from the start. Miranda and Prospero “took pains to make [Caliban] speak, taught [him] each hour
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CalibanMonster - Erin Kinsella Cas 100: Monstrosity Jeanne...

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