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Assignment 8 - packages are and what time they depart and...

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One advantage of the new device to the UPS sorters was that it was made to be hands free. Symbol Technologies removed the linking cable and added a wireless receiver which was to be worn on the workers hip. This new device also used Bluetooth’s short-range radio capability to transmit the bar code on each package from the ring scanner work on the worker’s finger to the wireless receiver. The rate of how much the scanner could retain of the shipping information doubled compared to UPS’s older scanners. It was now scanning shipping information at 60 scans per minute. Also, the speed of the scanner increased because the package’s bar code data was transmitted using Wi-Fi by Symbol Technologies’ belt terminal to the shipping facility’s server. This device will increase UPS’s productivity greatly and provide detailed shipping information to customers specifically about where their
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Unformatted text preview: packages are and what time they depart and arrive. UPS saved money with the new devices because increased productivity will save them a third of what it would have cost UPS when they were using the older devices. They will also saved money by the decreased amount of repair costs and spare equipment purchases that they had with the new devices. Previously, UPS had some unforeseen expenses that cost them million of dollars when they were using their old devices with the linking cable. There were many times when the cables were disconnected from the devices and productivity stopped. This resulted in purchasing more spare cables and their maintenance workers spending more time on fixing the devices. Now that these new devices are wireless, UPS will not be experiencing these million dollar unforeseen expenses....
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