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An ELS is not a knowledge management system because it instead helps to add information to the growing knowledge management system. The knowledge management system allows people to search a company’s database to find a list of employees who have the knowledge to answer certain questions in a matter of seconds. Unlike the knowledge management system, the ELS has the ability to search through employees e- mails and personal information. The knowledge management system has a cycle of six steps that helps refine and update the system over time. ELS software basically adds more information to the knowledge database to help it grow to provide people with more useful information in a matter of hours instead of days to retrieve. If my company implemented ELS software, I would definitely feel like my privacy
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Unformatted text preview: was being invaded. I would not want another employee in my company to use this software to look through my e-mails and personal documents just to determine if I am knowledgeable about certain topics. Most importantly, I would be extremely upset if someone had to use the ELS software to look through my e-mails and then concluded that they did not find me helpful enough to answer their questions. Invading my privacy by searching through my e-mails and documents would make me feel very uncomfortable because I would have no idea if they stole any of my personal information that may have been revealed within my e-mails. If this software is necessary, then they should at least notify the employees or have their permission before doing so....
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