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Lyndsey Dennis - Assignment 4 - because employees should...

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I believe that it would be overly intrusive to have an RFID tag in my ID badge to some extent. The reason for my opinion is that I do not feel that my employer should have to know exactly where I am on my lunch break as long as I return back to work as soon as my break is over. I think that this tracking system invades the privacy that they have outside of work. I would suggest the RFID tag to be used only inside the building because employees should not be in areas where they are not authorized to set foot in. Employers are strict with not offering to pay for any extra time that employees choose to waste on doing other activities that prevent them from working. As soon as the employee is finished working their normal hours, the tracking device should be turned off until they return the next day. Monitoring e-mails and Internet usage would not be overly intrusive
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Unformatted text preview: because employees should not be doing anything to distract them from working. E-mails should only be sent to communicate with other employees about business operations. Internet usage should only be limited to certain website access. Tracking employee Internet usage will allow employers to catch employees who are browsing websites that are extremely unacceptable and forbidden. Looking at adult websites or any other non-work related websites can be tracked and result in an employees termination of the company. As a company tracks their employees Internet usage, they can detect which users are downloading applications that can create viruses. This can be very detrimental to a company because they may have to spend a lot of extra money trying to clean up these viruses....
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