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University of Alberta Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Civ E 270 Laboratory 10 Name: I.D.: Date: Mark: Lab Section: BEAM DEFLECTIONS 10.0 OBJECTIVES To measure the deflections of a member due to bending. To review the calculation of beam deflections. To verify experimentally the validity of beam deflection theory. 10.1 REFERENCE Beer, F.P., Johnston, E.R. Jr., and J.T. DeWolf, Mechanics of Materials , Fourth edition in SI units, McGraw-Hill Inc., 2006, Chapter 9. 10.2 EQUIPMENT Each group will receive the following material: 1500 mm aluminum straightedge 1 wooden metre stick Steel mass of approximately 1 kg 1 wood support with flat top 1 wood support with notch in top 2 dowels (roller and pin) 1 spirit level 1 steel ruler Digital caliper (for Part 1 and Part 3))
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