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University of Alberta Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Civ E 270 Laboratory 9 Name: I.D.: Date: Mark: Lab Section: COMBINED STRESSES 9.0 OBJECTIVES To measure strains on a hollow tubular specimen loaded in bending, and to use these in conjunction with beam flexure theory to determine values for three elastic constants; Young's modulus, E, Poisson's ratio, ν , and the shear modulus, G. The material used is the aluminum alloy 6061-T6. To measure strains on the specimen when it is loaded in combined bending and torsion. To use the measured strains for the two load cases, along with the theory for bending and for torsion, in order to verify the principle of superposition. To use Mohr's circle to transform stresses in two dimensions. 9.1 REFERENCES Hibbeler, R.C., 2011. Mechanics of Materials, SI Edition, Prentice Hall, Singapore, Chap. 8, Section 8.2. 9.2 TEST PROCEDURE 1. Record the diameter and wall thickness of the tube. 2. Identify and record the load to be applied to the combined stress specimen. 3. Connect the strain gauges to the strain indicator. 4. Balance the gauges and take the initial zero readings. 5. Apply the load at location A, as shown in Figure 9.1. Record the strain gauge readings. Unload the specimen.
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