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1 ECON 100C Midterm Exam 1 (A00) Name________________________ Prof. Levkoff Seat#_________________________ Spring 2013 PID#_________________________ Version A (Orange) Solutions Time_________________________ Directions: After everyone is seated, the exam will be distributed. You will have the entire lecture to complete the exam. The exam is 8 pages. There are two parts- one short answer/free response section and one problem solving/analysis section. To receive full credit, SHOW ALL WORK and graphs where appropriate and CLEARLY BOX YOUR FINAL ANSWERS for any calculations. Make sure your name, seat #, PID #, and exam time are on the examination sheet before submitting your exam. SCORING BREAKDOWN (for TA use only): Total Score___________________/100 Part I Total:___________________/40 Part II Total:_____________________/60 a) ____________________/10 #1) Total___________________/25 b) ____________________/10 a)___________________/10 c) ____________________/10 b)____________________/5 d) ____________________/10 c)____________________/5 d)____________________/5 #2) Total___________________/35 a)____________________/5 b)____________________/5 c)___________________/10 d)____________________/5 e)___________________/10
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