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ch1_1_Propositional Logic-2 (2) - (Cont p is not sufficient...

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Conditional Inverse Converse Contrapositive p q p q p q p  q q p q  p F F F T T F T T Conditional Statement (Cont.) 21 T T F F T F T F T T F T T F T T T F T T T T F T p is not sufficient for q = ¬ (p q)
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Bi conditional Statement P q : a bi conditional means “ p if and only if q Symbol: Alternatively, it means “(if p then q ) and (if q then p )” Let p = “the student is studying engineering” and q = “s/he is smart”, then p q means o “the student is studying engineering if and only if s/he is smart” o Alternatively, it means “If the student is smart, then s/he is studying engineering” and if the student is studying engineering then s/he is smart 22
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