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P a g e | 1 Syllabus Last Updated 3/26/2015 Graduate Course Syllabus ACC 610: Financial Reporting I Center: Online Course Prerequisites MBA 503 or equivalent Course Description This course examines financial accounting theories and practices, and emphasizes asset and liability, measurement, and reporting. Course Outcomes Understand the hierarchy and sources of U.S. financial accounting and related standards Understand the conceptual framework for financial accounting and its importance Identify business accounting transactions and record these transactions in the financial records Prepare and understand the balance sheet, the statement of income and retained earnings, and the statement of cash flows Understand basic financial ratios Required Materials Using your learning resources is critical to your success in this course. Please purchase directly through SNHU’s online bookstore, MBS Direct , rather than any other vendor. Purchasing directly from the bookstore ensures that you will obtain the correct materials and that the Help Desk, your advisor, and the instructor can provide you with support if you have problems. Access code for Intermediate Accounting (WileyPLUS) Kieso, Donald E. John Wiley & Sons Inc. 15th Edition 2013 MBS Direct SKU: 1503575 Optional Materials Intermediate Accounting (Looseleaf) Kieso, Donald E. John Wiley & Sons Inc.
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P a g e | 2 Syllabus Last Updated 3/26/2015 15th Edition 2013 9781118159644 Instructor Availability and Response Time Your class interaction with your instructor and your classmates will take place in Blackboard on a regular, ongoing basis. Your instructor will be active in Blackboard at least five days a week, and you will normally communicate with your instructor in the ope n Blackboard discussion forum so that your questions and the instructor’s answers benefit the entire class. You should send emails directly to your instructor only when you need to discuss
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