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T.RANGA BABU,Dept.of ECE Serial Data Communication is a some what difficult subject to approach. Because it needs piece of information from several different topics in order for each part of the subject to really make sense. Within a microcomputer data is transferred in parallel , because that is faster way to do it . For transferring data over longer distances , however, parallel data transmission requires too many wires . Therefore, data to be sent long distances usually converted from parallel form to serial form so that it can be sent on a single wire or pair of wires . Serial data received from a distant source is converted to parallel form so that it can be easily transferred on the microcomputer busses . Data Communication and Networks
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T.RANGA BABU,Dept.of ECE Three terms often encountered in serial data systems are: • Simplex Half Duplex Full Duplex A simplex data line can transmit data only in one direction . A Half-duplex transmission line communicate in either direction between two systems, but can only occur in one direction at a time. A Full-duplex each system can send and receive data at the same time. SERIAL COMMUNICATION
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