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1 Dholavira Indus Script Signboard proclamation of engraved molten casts, implements, dula th ã ̄ bh , 'two pillars' rebus dul t ã ̄ 'copper castings' Two pillars in Dholavira are Indus Script proclamation of 'copper castings' -- of engraved molten casts, implements. See: Kalibangan, Binjor Yupa Skambha Indus inscriptions, Harappa, Bhutesvar śivalingas, kangar 'brazier', t ã ̄ 'copper' dhāu 'hematite' Hieroglyphs skambha, stambha signify t ã ̄ 'copper'. A statue of Uma, a Cham divinity holding two lingas by her hands. National Museum of Vietnam History. Cf. two stone pillars of Dholavira. The sivalingas are signified by the orthography of the pillars: the pillars are octagonal अष्टा््रि 'with 8 corners'.
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