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1 रद्र शिव as Ȓ् - ɾक and अɾक as 'copper' (reaching Uruk from Araṭṭa). Indus Script copper relief Al'Ubaid (Ur) c. 3100 BCE deciphered रद्र शिव as Ȓ् - ɾक and Location of Araṭṭa, a source of copper for Uruk The association of the word रद्र with rudh 'red', raudra 'Agni and other divinities' रद्र or (later on) and Sumerian words such as urud 'copper', loha 'copper-coloured, red' urudu-luh-ha 'refined copper' lead us to review the expression Ȓ् - ɾक . Araṭṭa in ancient geography is a tough location to resolve. The following notes evaluate literary evidences and point to Araṭṭa as Lāṭa in the vicinity of Rann of Kutch in an archaeological context. RV 7.59.12: tryambaka yajāmahe sugandhiṃ pu ṣṭ ivardhanam urvārukamiva bandhanānmṛ tyormuk ṣīya mā'mṛtāt ͦ aum We worship, adore, honour, revere, the three-eyed, three-mothered one, sweet smelling, fragrant, the one who nourishes someone else and gives his life fullness. I am bound down just like a cucumber (to a vine) Liberate from the bounds of death. Give me some life rejuvenating nectar. [If three-fold, three-eyed, three-mothered, tryambakam may signify 'three sourced' red ore.] In RV 7.59.12 Ȓ् - ɾक is associated with sugandha , 'fragrance'. Does अɾक 'copper' smell? Copper has a strong and characteristic smell. Cause of the smell is still an open, unanswered scientific enquiry. "smell of iron (free-access article!). There are at least two ways in which iron produces a metallic smell. Firstly, acidic substances are capable of corroding iron and steel, releasing phosphorous and carbon atoms present in the metal or alloy. These can react to form volatile organophosphorous compounds such as methylphosphine (H3CPH2 which have a garlic/metallic odour at small concentrations...In the supporting information for the article (also free-access), the
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