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Possible Mandatory Questions 1) Compare and contrast the problems of Rome, Vienna & Paris and the approaches to solving these problems. 2) How was the Enlightenment view of science, civilization and humanity challenged and overthrown? 3) Why was World War I so devastating? Who figured out how to win an offensive military campaign? Who won the war and who lost? 4) Discuss the relationship of Existentialism and Feminism. Demonstrate how existential philosophy influenced women in the chapter “Feminism and the Peace Movement”. 5) How did the Nazis manipulate people? Discuss and demonstrate how their methods are still in use today. 6) Discuss the West’s relationship with Africa over the past half century. How has the United Nations been used by the West in achieving their ends? Possible Voluntary Questions 1) How were cities physically reshaped in response to the problems of the first decades of the early nineteenth century? How did this physical
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Unformatted text preview: transformation affect the lifestyle of urban dwellers? 2) How did the paintings reflect a break from traditional artistic standards? What trends can be identified in each artist’s work? Finally, how did the artists collectively reveal the intellectual currents of the period? 3) Why was World War I different from previous wars? What impact did it have on the soldiers at the front? How did it affect civilians at home? 4) Why did the Nazi image appeal to German voters? How did the Nazi’s use media to aid their rise to power? How could it have happened? 5) Did the United Nations make any achievements in peacekeeping during its first year in the Congo? What issues concerning effective international peacekeeping did the ONUC operation raise in that first year? And did UN involvement offer any lessons for other similar actions over the next thirty years and beyond?...
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