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Math 214 Introf07 - Fall 2007 Math 214 Calculus for...

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Fall 2007 Math 214 – Calculus for Business and Economics Section 05 – 2 – 2:50 pm MTRF – CAC 124 Section 06 – 3 – 3:50 pm MTRF – CAC 124 Consulting: Office: RAC111, Extension 4236 Hours: 1-1:50 TF 4-4:30 MR Email: [email protected] Objectives: To learn calculus, the mathematics of change, in such a way that the concepts can be applied to situations that will become important to you. To learn to read and speak mathematics. Mathematics is a language, often called the language of science, including management science. Fluency in mathematics will allow you to read and write many types of technical literature in a concise, logical manner. To become more careful in your reading of technical literature, and to think more creatively about how to approach problems, decompose them into more manageable pieces, use various approaches to solve them, and then present the solution in a form consistent with the context. To see mathematics used in a variety of practical applications, and to be able to use it yourself in these ways. To be able to use your laptop computer as a tool in understanding concepts as well as doing problems, but to acknowledge the very important place the human brain must take before technology can be useful. Prerequisites: SAT math score of at least 550, or ACT math score of at least 22, or a C- or better in Math 099 or equivalent. Text: Calculus Concepts , 4 th edition, LaTorre, Kenelly, Reed, Carpenter, Harris and Biggers, Houghton Mifflin Company, 2008. It will be helpful to bring your textbook to class with you each session. Many examples used in class will come from the text. In addition, some clarifications of text examples or problem specifications may be given in class. Computer: The IBM laptop computer required by the Business Division is required for the course. Sharing of computers on quizzes and tests is not permitted. Math Essay: Write a 2-3 page math history essay explaining your personal math history. This must be typed with good form. Include what math courses you have taken in high school, including any exposure to calculus, why you are taking this course, what you plan to do with your education after graduation, your assessment of your personal math anxiety level, and two similarities between your approach to faith and your approach to math. This assignment will be due Friday, Sept. 7
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Math 214 Introf07 - Fall 2007 Math 214 Calculus for...

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