Chapter 8 Questions - What is your impression of the city...

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• What is your impression of the city within those walls? In which direction have buildings grown b/c of the city’s confinement within these walls? • What sort of opportunities did the glacis offer urban planners? Source 2 • What kind of housing did such a street seem to offer? What do you think the population density in such a neighborhood would have been? • Consider health conditions. How much sunlight probably reached the residences on this street? Given the cities lack of sewers in the early 19th century, what function do you think the central gutter performed? • Why do you think such a street would offend your senses and prove unhealthful? Source 3 • Why do you think the workshops were built along Bievre? What sort of health impact do you suppose these workshops had? Source 4 • Does the Ringstrasse, which intermingled new apartment buildings with both public and commercial buildings, seem to have certain functional zones? Why might you conclude that commerce occupied one zone? • Moving along the Ringstrasse, what sort of functional change do you observe at the area’s first building, the Votivkirche, a church built in the 1850’s in thanksgiving for the emperor’s escape from an assassination attempt? What sorts of institutions surround the Hofburg, or imperial palace?
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Source 5 • Do you find any harmony of architectural styles in the public buildings? • Why do you think architects adopted classical Greek architecture for the houses of Parliament? • Why might they have adopted Gothic architecture for the city hall? Do you think such tactics heightened the sense of different functional zones within the Ringstrasse? • Consider the scale of the boulevard. How might its great width have improved communications
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Chapter 8 Questions - What is your impression of the city...

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