4020 test 1

4020 test 1 - Political Science 4020 test 1 Themes 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Political Science: 4020 test 1 8/29/07 Themes: 1. Republican a. Form of government b. Not pure democratic 2. separation of powers a. legislative (article 1, executive (article II), judicial (article III) b. have tension to reduce accumulation of power c. checks and balances i. horizontal tension between coequal powers 3. federalism a. tension between states and federal government b. vertical tension with national government (more supreme) 9/5 Federalist Papers-7 articles make a government (made by a coup) Coup is ??- Federalist papers were used to show the people the flaws of the articles of confederation and show how they needed the new constitution- Were written to the state of New York and which was led by big anti-feds #1- Foreshadowed that we would become an empire- People just want to be free and power lies within the people #6 - Factions: if people are left to themselves to govern they will divide naturally- People will join faction and be in frequent conflict- Men are vindictive and problems with state (independent sovereignty)- All wanted power (page 48) o Will power govern un or will we come together for safety o Shays Rebellion Came at the right time because it scared people They told people that the republics would be more peaceful- Vicinity of sovereigns: most likely fight with neighbors #9- Monesque said best to govern small areas o Republic vs democracy o...
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4020 test 1 - Political Science 4020 test 1 Themes 1...

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