Interior Design Test 1 Study Guide

Interior Design Test 1 Study Guide - • Relationship of...

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Interior Design Test 1 Study Guide Book: chapter 1 (pgs 15 -35) chapter 2 (pgs. 37 -47) chapter 3 chapter 10 (stop  at Pg. 311 Reserved reading: chapters 7,8,9 Bring pen, pencil, large scantron Vocabulary (from notes, book, and online) Different definitions of design How is design different from interior design? Difference between interior design and decoration 3 circles Evaluating aesthetics (from the observer and user) Knowledge of natural, vernacular and technical design (help evaluate  space) Elements and principle o in general o how used in Interior design o expression o how they relate to one another (space, form, shape, line, texture) Each element of design and the category of each What does the use of each element imply? The elements and character? Special color effects Practical approaches
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Effects of pattern and texture
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Unformatted text preview: • Relationship of color • Function of color • Combining elements ( what elements and principles should dominate) • Functional consideration (ch. 2) • Function in relation to objects and space • Difference between primary and secondary functions • Structure & materials relating to function (how do they influence design) • Difference between additive and subtractive • Color meaning • Why light and color are inseparable • Physical emotional, associative, symbolic meaning of color • Color wheel (primary, secondary, tertiary) • Color temperature (what it is, and what it does) • Color harmonies (schemes) • Primary concept of Munsell color system • Interaction of colors (class and texture) o P. 306 simultaneous contrast, p 307 optical mixing, mesmerism...
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Interior Design Test 1 Study Guide - • Relationship of...

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