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SPA 3032 Chapter1-gray - SPA 3032 Fundamentals of Hearing...

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Unformatted text preview: SPA 3032 Fundamentals of Hearing Dr. Kenneth Gerhardt 338 Dauer Hall 392-6622 [email protected] Course Overview Yost Fundamentals of Hearing, 5th Ed, 2007 Four Sections Physics of Sound Anatomy and Physiology Psychoacoustics (Sensation) Central Nervous System and Auditory Disorders Requirements Three Midterm Exams Final Examination Quizzes Class Attendance Daily sing-in sheet Grading Scale in Syllabus Contact me via email or during office hours The Disciplines Course required in major Speech-Language Pathology Audiology Speech and Hearing Sciences An auditory scene. Complex S ound Field Image P erception R esponse The hearing process: sound, coding, processing, integration, and response. Experienc e Integration Other S enses Proc essing S ound Coding Profession of Audiology A new health care profession concerned with the study of normal and abnormal hearing Requirements: Doctor of Audiology (AuD) Four-year Program Replaces the two-year Master's degree Related fields Otolaryngology MD Hearing Science - PhD Behavioral Neuroscience - PhD Specialties in Audiology Pediatrics Medical Rehabilitative/Dispensing Industrial Educational ...
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