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ME 330 Fluid Mechanics Spring 2007 Department of Engineering Western Kentucky University CHAPTER 1 HW - Homework Solutions Problem #’s 1-2C, 1-3C, 1-5C, 1-7C, 1-9C, 1-14, 1-15, 1-22C, 1-23C 1-2C Solution We are to define incompressible and compressible flow, and discuss fluid compressibility. Analysis A fluid flow during which the density of the fluid remains nearly constant is called incompressible flow . A flow in which density varies significantly is called compressible flow . A fluid whose density is practically independent of pressure (such as a liquid) is commonly referred to as an “incompressible fluid,” although it is more proper to refer to incompressible flow . The flow of compressible fluid (such as air) does not necessarily need to be treated as compressible since the density of a compressible fluid may still remain nearly constant during flow – especially flow at low speeds. Discussion It turns out that the Mach number is the critical parameter to determine whether the flow of a gas can be approximated as an incompressible flow. If Ma is less than about 0.3, the incompressible approximation yields results that are in error by less than a couple percent. 1-3C Solution We are to define the no-slip condition and its cause. Analysis A fluid in direct contact with a solid surface sticks to the surface and there is no slip . This is known as the no-slip condition , and it is due to the viscosity of the fluid. Discussion There is no such thing as an inviscid fluid, since all fluids have viscosity.
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ME330_S07_HWSet1 - ME 330 Fluid Mechanics Department of...

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