Ch 136 EXPERIMENT 3 - EXPERIMENT 3 SEPARATION BY EXTRACTION Name Dhara Patel Date Objective The purpose of this laboratory exercise is to identify

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EXPERIMENT 3 SEPARATION BY EXTRACTION Name: Dhara Patel Date: February 21, 2008 Objective: The purpose of this laboratory exercise is to identify the melting point of separated compounds by utilizing the concept of acid/base solubility in effort by usage of extraction method. Discussion: Extraction is a process used in the separation of compounds, with this technique; a soluble solid is separated from an insoluble solid. In this lab, the salt was formed by the weak base and the strong acid dissolves in the aqueous layer when observing a yellow layer form on the top while performing this process. When removing the upper aqueous layer and the compounds dissolved in it, it left all of the strong acid behind along with neutral compound. The melting point of two unknown component was determined by Mel-Temp apparatus. As isolation taken place, the unknown neutral component weighted to 0.84 grams after drying it out with the melting point of 76ºC as naphthalene. For the acid component, the mass of acid was roughly 0.50 grams after
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