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Insulin Med Inof - When does it start working(onset When...

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Information based on manufacturer prescribing information and clinical studies. Price information based on Drugstore.com (if available). Prepared 11/08. Insulin Comparison Chart Insulin Name When does it start working? (onset) When will the effect be the greatest? (peak) How long will it lower blood glucose? (duration) Notes for Use Cost estimate Rapid Acting Lispro (Humalog ) <15 minutes 0.5-3 hours* 3-5 hours $96 (10 ml vial) $183 (5x3 ml pen cartridges) Aspart (Novolog ) <15 minutes 0.5-3 hours* 3-5 hours $102 (10 ml vial) $205 (5x3 ml pen cartridges) Glulisine (Apidra ) <15 minutes 0.5-3 hour* 3-5 hours If mixing with NPH, rapid acting insulin should be drawn into syringe first. Mixture should be given immediately to avoid effects on peak action. $96 (10 ml vial) $184 (5x3 ml pen cartridges Short Acting Regular (Novolin R or Humulin R ) 0.5-1 hour 2-4 hours 4-8 hours May be mixed with NPH in same syringe. Mixing order should be the clear regular drawn up first, then the cloudy NPH (ie “clear to cloudy”).
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