Chapter 2 - Culture- Beliefs, behavior, and material...

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Culture- Beliefs, behavior, and material objects that put together form a way of life. o There are both material cultures and non-material cultures. Material culture-The physical creations of society, ranging from armaments to zippers Nonmaterial culture-Symbolic creations of human culture ranging from art to Zen Components of culture- o Symbols- Anything that carries a specific meaning understood by members of a culture. o Language- A system of Symbols used by members of a culture to communicate. Society- People who interact in a defined territory and share a culture. *Linguistic Relativity- Values- Standards used by culture to judge what ought to be. Beliefs- specific statements that people hold to be true. Culture Shock- personal disorientation experienced when experiencing an unfamiliar way of life. Cultural transmission- The process by which one generation passes culture on too the next. Sapir-Whorf Thesis- States that people see the world through a cultural lense. Also says that each symbolic system is partly unique, containing words or
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symbols that are not found in any other system. New evidence shows that culture does not shape reality as is stated in this thesis. Sociologist Robin Williams points to the following 10 values as central to our way of life. o
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Chapter 2 - Culture- Beliefs, behavior, and material...

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