The Honorable Carolyn McCarthy

The Honorable Carolyn McCarthy - Colette Heefner October...

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Colette Heefner October 21, 2007 Professor Arroyo Politics “The Honorable Carolyn McCarthy” United States Representative Carolyn McCarthy is currently serving her 6 th term representing Long Island's 4 th Congressional District. McCarthy has represented my home town since she was first elected on November 5, 1996. Her Democratic ideals have played a great role in the House for over 10 years. Before McCarthy was elected to Congress, she worked as a nurse at a community hospital up until the year she went down to Washington. Two Committees she plays a primary role in are the Committee on Education and Labor, as well as the Committee on Financial Services. In these roles, McCarthy works to provide Long Island’s schools with the resources they need to educate their children and make college more affordable. She also oversees the way our financial system operates while protecting the identity of Long Islanders. In addition to this, McCarthy was recently named Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Healthy Families and Communities. McCarthy will be instrumental in reauthorizing and drafting legislation to protect Long Island’s children and improve the 4th Congressional District (Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy 1). There are many aspects of Carolyn McCarthy’s role in Congress, as well as her personal, life that illustrate the duties of a good, effective Representative. As a female, she fills the part of descriptive representation. This is the belief that legislature should “resemble the demographic characteristics of the population it represents” (Janda 208).
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The Honorable Carolyn McCarthy - Colette Heefner October...

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