problem26_76 - V I V V IR VR R V R V R I-= = ⇒ = Now the...

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26.76: a) . A I V A R R IR IR V - = + = The true resistance R is always less than the reading because in the circuit the ammeter’s resistance causes the current to be less then it should. Thus the smaller current requires the resistance R to be calculated larger than it should be. b) . V V V V R
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Unformatted text preview: V I V V IR VR R V R V R I--= = ⇒ + = Now the current measured is greater than that through the resistor, so R I V R = is always greater than . I V c) (a): . ) ( 2 2 2 A A R I IV R I V I R I P-=-= = (b): . ) ( 2 2 V V R V IV R V I V R V P-=-= =...
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