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exercise 2, geology of the national parks

exercise 2, geology of the national parks - magma is able...

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History The earth started as a supper continent known as Pangaea. Due to plate tectonics the continents spread to what are the present seven continents. The theory of plate tectonics came about in the 1970s. Some original theories consisted of floods separating North America from Europe. Developing the theory With the use of ocean floor mapping the theory of plate tectonics was developed. With over 66% of the earth is under water, the mapping gave a view of the 66% that is under water. Instruments were able to measure magnetisms, earth quakes and a map of the sea floor. Understanding plate motions To understand plate motions, one must know the types of boundaries that plates can do. The types of boundaries are divergent, convergent, and transform. Threw the boundaries
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Unformatted text preview: magma is able to reach the earth’s surface Hot spots Hot spots are areas in the earth’s crust that are very hot regions that have been around a long time. Active volcanoes are on top of hot spots. The Hawaiian Islands were formed due to hot spots. Unanswered questions One unanswered question is does plate tectonics exist in space? Heat is needed for plate tectonics, what about mars? Mars has a volcano on it. Are their plate tectonics on the moon? Plate tectonics and people Plate tectonics have because many problems for people, just ask the people of San Francisco, or Japan. An earthquake was responsible for the tsunami a few years back. Questions 1 hotspots 2 oldest is motu one, youngest is mehetia 3 going North West 4 yes, mehets 5 Hawaii...
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