Chapter 2 - Management Roundtree Erica Shannon Definitions...

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Management Chapter 2 – pgs. 55-58 Roundtree January 22, 2008 Erica Shannon Definitions - Universal process approach : assumes all organizations require the same rational management process - Operational approach : production-oriented field of management dedicated to improving efficiency and cutting waste - Scientific management : developing performance standards on the basis of systematic observation and experimentation - Operations management : the process of transforming material and human resources into useful goods and services - Human relations movement : an effort to make managers more sensitive to their employees’ needs - Theory Y : McGregor’s optimistic assumptions about working people - Organizational behavior : a modern approach seeking to discover the causes of work behavior and develop better management techniques - System : a collection of parts operating interdependently to achieve a common purpose - General systems theory : an area of study based on the assumption that everything is part of a larger, interdependent arrangement - Closed system : a self-sufficient entity - Open system : something that depends on its surrounding environment for survival - Contingency approach : research effort to determine which managerial practices and techniques are appropriate in specific situations
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Chapter 2 - Management Roundtree Erica Shannon Definitions...

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