Edinburghs Ethnic Explosion

Edinburghs Ethnic Explosion - Will Roper HIST 210...

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1Will Roper HIST 210 Edinburgh’s Ethnic Explosion In ever country around the world, different peoples and cultures come together and attempt to coexist in harmony, frequently ending in discourse instead. Just like most other unavoidable issues of this nature, it is not important of how or why it occurs, but what action is taken against the unavoidable. Scotland is no stranger to racism. Glasgow, the country’s largest city, has recently had very tough race relations between the native Scots and an ever-increasing population hailing from India and Pakistan. Edinburgh is also experiencing an influx of immigrants, but are taking the increase in stride. The United Kingdom has many attractive features that draw people from all over Europe and Asia, and Scotland’s capital city has had not only one of the largest foreign population increases, but is also handling this increase with great enthusiasm. Edinburgh’s initiatives are making it a standard for how race relations should be handled in the big cities of an ever-shrinking world. With a two percent growth in population, mainly due to immigration from the eastern
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Edinburghs Ethnic Explosion - Will Roper HIST 210...

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