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The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh - 1Will Roper HIST 210 Final...

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1Will Roper HIST 210 Final Essay The Astonishing Academia of Edinburgh Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill, Adam Smith. Each of these men has changed the world to some degree and left their mark whether it be in the world of literature, science, the way our country is ran, or indeed the way the entire world communicates amongst itself. But all of these great men have something else in common as well: each of them is an alumnus of the University of Edinburgh. Indeed, one can hardly imagine what the world might be without the influence these authors, inventors, and philosophists have left and yet these are just a few of the many prestigious alumni the University of Edinburgh has turned out in its 400 plus year history. Since its establishment in 1582, the University has been a leader in teachings of law, medicine, philosophy, and the arts, and is considered one of the top universities in Europe and the world. Edinburgh’s cultural and social values can be found in a tangible form through the University of Edinburgh and I give credit to the school for helping mold and retain these values through the past, present and into the future. Easily the most impressive item on the University of Edinburgh’s résumé would be its involvement in the Scottish Enlightenment of the 18 th century. Edinburgh’s history of progressive thinking and nurturing of academics made it a natural host for the Scottish Enlightenment. This intellectual fire came over on the winds from France who was at the time enjoying an Enlightenment of their own. Adam Smith was just one of the many philosophers, many of whom were University professors, who were at the forefront of the movement. The
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philosophers were quickly followed by writers such as Robert Burns. While Burns was born and raised in the countryside of Scotland, he was drawn, like a moth to a flame, to the academically- productive city of Edinburgh where he wrote and published some of his greatest works. These profound thinkers began the academic trend that would later turn Edinburgh and its University into a hub for the furthering of academics in all fields.
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The University of Edinburgh - 1Will Roper HIST 210 Final...

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