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1Will Roper HIST 210 Economic Comparisons Our collective group of researched cities included Edinburgh, Barcelona, and Copenhagen. The subject of each paper differed from the other. I enjoyed this because it gave me a different perspective on each city and a different way of looking at economic reform and struggles. The research on Copenhagen dealt mostly with how the Danish constitution affected the free trade of the food industry. The paper focuses on the dramatic increase in efficiency after the development on the new constitution. The food distribution system was a mess as the majority of the regulations made hundreds of years before were severely outdated. After the constitution was ratified, free market was able to be affective.
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Unformatted text preview: Whereas the Copenhagen paper focused on how things where improving economically, Barcelona had problems. The Catalan region was extremely important in terms of Spain’s economy because of its strategical port location. When Queen Isabella halted all trade to the West Indies in 1492, the region was dealt a hard blow. Edinburgh focused on yet another aspect of a city’s economic history. When thinking economy, I generally think of the import and export of goods, but Edinburgh took a different approach with banking. I enjoyed having all very different aspects of economics as it made the views of each city unique because every city is different and requires different things based on its culture, history, and location....
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