Making a Living From Disgrace

Making a Living From Disgrace - The Budapest view on things...

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1Will Roper HIST 210 Regulated Prostitution This week’s reading, “Making a Living From Disgrace,” focuses on the social construct of female prostitution in the cities of Vienna and Budapest. There were strict laws against vagrancy and living a life in poverty inside certain limits, yet prostitution was considered legal in many areas and even regulated. I was particularly interested in how much politics went into prostitution. The regulation of prostitution was varied and a lot of gender politics went into how they were ran. There were strict laws against “covert” prostitution, which I find to be an odd concept.
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Unformatted text preview: The Budapest view on things was that immorality as a natural consequence of the living conditions should not be a reason for police intervention. Still, beggars, both male and female were banned from society while prostitutes were handled with tolerance and regulation, but could quickly be prosecuted if things were not done correctly. It was as if they saw selling your body as a reputable form of self-support when compared to simply being a beggar. This seems odd to me now, but several hundred years ago I am sure it was not as taboo....
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