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Jewish Life in Vienna

Jewish Life in Vienna - power in the upcoming...

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1Will Roper HIST 210 This week’s reading, "Big-city Jews: Jewish Big City,” discusses the social life and the cultural urbanization of Jewish life in Vienna. With capitalism on the rise and the socio- economic standing of Jews with trade and finance, gave them certain “advantages.” This status was pushed upon the Jewish community in pre-modern Europe by a combination of religious and cultural traditions of Christianity. These unfortunate “means” results in favorable “ends” as the majority of Jews were ahead of the game and were not tied (emotionally or culturally) to the subsistence economy and the attitude that went along with it. This effected their views on many things but most importantly education. The Jews put much more emphasis on learning than most other groups in Europe at the time. While the education was mostly focused on avoiding secular learning, it would still become a thing of great
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Unformatted text preview: power in the upcoming education-oriented life of the big city. Other benefits were destined for the Jewish way of life. Without the strictly-structured heirarchy of Catholic life, the religious and social world of the Jews was much “flatter” and simpler. This would later result in modernizing commentators remarking on the liberal and indeed democratic lifestyle of the Jewish community. I found this insight into the Jewish community very interesting as it gives a look into the development of Jewish life today all over the world. Many of these stigmas and social factors still ring very true today and I enjoyed reading about how they came to be. Jewish communities and their lifestyle in big cities seems to be one of the most resilient and adaptable cases in history as I have read of similar cases in other large cities. Despite social stigmas and obstructions Jews seem to stay ahead of the game....
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