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Lab Paper - 1 Boulder Hydroelectric (March 2008) Brian...

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Abstract —This paper will examine the history, specifications and uses for Boulder Hydroelectric Power Plant. Groups of students from the Colorado School of Mines took tours of the plant on March 4 th , 2008. Key characteristics of the plant are the main focus of the paper. Index Terms —Articulating Needle Black Start, Pelton Impulse Wheel, The Grid I. HISTORY OUBLER Hydroelectric, located 3.25 miles west of Boulder, has utilized Barker Dam’s reservoir system for the past 98 years. The plant was purchased by the city of Boulder on March 7 th , 2001. B Figure 01 – Outside View of Boulder Hydro The old red building, as seen in Figure 01, uses a 36” pipeline that spans 11.7 miles from Barker Dam to Kossler Resevior. Kossler Resevior is a holding reservoir located a mere 1828 ft above the plant. For a large span of time, Boulder Hydro created the highest head of any plant. Today it is still one of the plants with the most head. This system is located above the building, so the main supply is forced in by gravity. Kossler Reservoir holds approximately 165 acre-feet of water. Boulder Hydro has contained two Pelton impulse wheels connected to General Electric A.C. generators since its startup on August 4 th , 1910. Originally, the turbines could produce 10,000 kilowatts of power per hour, but between 1928 and 1936, each generated was rebuilt and could produce twice as much as previously explained. One of these generators, however, was severely damaged in April of 1964, but was rewound and replaced. In 2000, the same generator suffered a ground fault and its armature was damaged. Generator A as it is called is still offline to this day with no plans of repair[1]. Figure 02 – Ground Fault on Generator A The plant, owned by the city of Boulder, generates power to be sold to Xcel Energy. The plant was purchased in 2001 for 12.4 million dollars[2]. II.S
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Lab Paper - 1 Boulder Hydroelectric (March 2008) Brian...

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