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Study Guide Exam 3

Study Guide Exam 3 - Amaterasu Shinto sun Kami who was...

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Amaterasu- Shinto, sun Kami who was sprung from Izanagi’s eye, grandfather to Ningi who he sent down to Earth Gohonzon- Nichiren Buddhism, one of the 3 great mysteries of Nichiren. A graphic depiction or representation of the Universe used for meditation. Kannon- female Boddisattra in popular Buddhism, worshipped for compassion and mercy, very popuilar goddess. Mikoshi- Shinto, the portable Shinto shrine used in the festivities, had a wooden box containing the shintai Ema- Shinto, wooden tablet in which the individual wrote a prayer upon –left at the shrine to be answered. Rinzai- the zen Buddhism school of immediate enlightenment founded by Elsai. Kojiki- Shinto sacred texts on the history of the Japanese Islands. Mappo- Nichiren Buddhism, degenerative age of disappeared dharma in which one’s only hope is the lotus sutra and the teachings of Nichiren. Shinsokan- seicho-no-le, the practice meditation of reality taking an inner plunge into one’s self to truly discover the reality of life. Oyagami- tenrikyo, literally means “god the parent” the being who life is lived out in gratitude towards –
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