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Take Home Exam 1 - Dr. Boyd Take home #1 "Pastor...

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Dr. Boyd Take home #1 “Pastor Johnson! PASTOR JOHNSON!!! PASTOR JOHNSOOOOONN!!!! “Boyd!? Is that you?” “Yes it is, I’ve only been calling to get your attention at the top of my lungs, now what other one of your students could you think of to do that?” “Honestly can’t say any but you Boyd.” “Ha-ha, well thank you PJ, I don’t really have much time to talk but there was something that I wanted to ask you, so that’s why I’m here.” “Sure, what’s the problem?” “Well, I want to go back to when you taught me Christian superiority, and I’ve been having a little difficulty with that. Over the past couple of years I have come across some things that really question that particular belief, and I’m not really sure on how well I can accept what you taught me as full truth.” “Well what is it that you would still accept as truth?” “Well, I still believe that through grace in Christianity that salvation is achieved, but just because salvation can be achieved should not be the basis that makes Christianity superior to other religions. Take the religious views of those who live in India. They believe that there are many paths that one can achieve their goal on or their salvation through…” “But you have to understand…” “…well just wait one second I think if I explain it all it will help, ok so like I was saying it is up to the person to decide what path is right for them to achieve their own salvation. “Ok, I think I see where you are going with this, but what about the Hindu’s?” “Well in the Hindu religion one must carry out their dharma to achieve the next level, to carry out your dharma you must act through karma, the cause and effect type belief. Now by carrying out your dharma and doing it correctly you can break Samsara which is the belief in cyclical life, but once breaking Samsara you achieve your salvation.” “That, I suppose, would suffice my point. Wouldn’t you want to say that grace, doesn’t have
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/19/2008 for the course RELIGION 260 taught by Professor Boyd during the Fall '07 term at Hope.

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Take Home Exam 1 - Dr. Boyd Take home #1 "Pastor...

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