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1Will Roper HIST 210 (Mathieu) Response to Orwell This week’s reading continues with the theme that bad stuff happens in large quantities inside city limits. George Orwell writes on his own personal experiences living in poverty in the slums of Paris where he lived for a while experiencing a life of poverty. His experiences consist of a few “ups”, but lot of “downs.” He begins by describing some characters that he came to know during his stay, that sound too odd to be true. Orwell’s only financial support came from teaching English for a few francs, but this too is soon taken from under him as his students leave town without warning or dismiss him in favor of other activities. This was where Orwell truly began to learn what poverty meant. He began to live on stolen food from his friend, Boris, who works in a nice hotel.
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Unformatted text preview: Orwell experiences one of his few turns of luck when Boris is able to find him a job at the hotel. Orwells Englishman background did not hurt the way people received him as he started his job. He worked vigorously for six hard days a week and occasionally filling in for someone who called in sick on Sunday. I felt that the article did an excellent job showing the difficult life that new city hopefuls faced upon moving in from the countryside. Orwell probably had it easy compared to most migrants as he was one leg up on the competition since he was an Englishman. The life of a city dweller is obviously a tough one with the lack of job security and lodging and seemingly constant struggle to get sustenance to stay alive in what I consider a place not worth living in....
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