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1Will Roper Minority Issue Response HIST 210 As usual my group wrote on a variety of aspects about urban minorities. I wrote on Edinburgh’s current minority issues with their rapidly growing population. Because of Scotland and Edinburgh’s appeal to immigrants from Asia and parts of Europe, the population is booming, and the city is adjusting well by organizing different facilities in the city to cope with not only the larger number of citizens, but also what each of their cultures brings to the city. In Spain, the land is broken up into many different areas where different cultures and languages thrive. The Catalonia region is dominated by speakers of the Catalan dialect. This is interesting because while Spain’s dominate language is obviously Spain, these Catalan speakers have kept the language aspect of their culture alive.
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Unformatted text preview: Denmark had a different type of minority issue. In World War II, the Nazis occupied Denmark, but used them with relatively little abuse. The Nazis’ main use of Denmark was simply as an agricultural supply center. Denmark grew tired of the occupation, and as a way of setting Denmark straight, the Nazis began to round up the Jews in Denmark. The unity of the Danes was very impressive. Because religious freedom had been instated for many years it was less of an issue and a large amount of support was given to the Jews in need by non-Jewish citizens. I was able to relate this writing on Denmark more to my own on Edinburgh, as both deal with smooth transitions and solving problems on pressing minority issues. Of course, the issues with Jews in WWII might be more pressing than health care in Scotland....
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