The Athens of the North

The Athens of the North - planners took this new title and...

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1Will Roper Ed Mathieu HIST 215 I was in the library today flipping through several books on Scotland and its history and keeping my eye out for resources on its capital, Edinburgh. I finally came across a book called simply, “Edinburgh” by David Daiches. It seemed to be a good start. I read several chapters before coming to one titled “The Athens of the North.” I found this claim to be very interesting and went on reading. The term, “The Modern Athens” was applied to Edinburgh in 1829 when John Britton’s book, “Modern Athens: Displayed in a Series of Views of Edinburgh in the Nineteenth Century” was published. The book talked about certain aspects of Edinburgh’s appearance and its similarities to Athens during its greatness. Edinburgh was still expanding rapidly and city
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Unformatted text preview: planners took this new title and ran with it. There was a heightened interest in what could be done to dignify the city with public buildings that would adorn its natural features as Athens has done for itself. Therefore, streets were built to show the very best views of Edinburgh’s finest architecture and landscape, and city planners In my many visits to Scotland and Edinburgh over the past four years, I never heard Edinburgh referred to as the Athens of the North and this is why I found the phrase so intriguing. Looking back at pictures I have of Edinburgh I can see the point being made. Edinburgh’s geography and natural landscape has been extremely well complimented much in the same way Athens was....
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